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Solutions vary but Little Hill Solutions specializes in reducing mountainous problems to little hills. Every business and organization has problems. Little Hill Solutions solves problems. Over the past 45 years, the staff of Little Hill Solutions has provided solutions that are timely and effective.

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New product development and introduction

Got a hot new product idea? Great! So what? There are a million of those ideas every day. What separates an idea from a product is financing, development, production, sales, and marketing. Even huge companies often have new products that do not fit within their historic pattern and therefore die before they are really born. Little Hill Solutions can help you take your idea and bring it to the market.

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Sales management reconstruction

Sales management should not be static. Like every other aspect of the business, it needs to be constantly evolving to meet the demands of the marketplace. A plan to constantly improve sales management structure requires a delicate balance between continuity and change. Little Hill Solutions has the experience necessary to help your business evolve its sales management structure.


Excess, slow-moving, or obsolete inventory

Inventory here. Inventory there. Inventory everywhere. It is often paid for and just sitting there. Taking up space and worse, restricting working capital. Little Hill Solutions can generate creative plans to move that inventory along. Special sales, jobbers, or bulk sales can all be used to free up the working capital to invest in items that will actually contribute to the success of the business.

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Long-range planning

Where does your organization want to be next year, in two years, in five years? Every business has an idea, but without a plan that includes specific time-sensitive targets, most businesses will never get there. Little Hill Solutions can help your business develop a systematic plan with specific milestones to reach your goals.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Over the last 45 years, Little Hill Solutions staff have been involved in over 125 mergers and acquisitions. For every one transaction completed there have been two or three that did not result in a deal. You can usually tell more about a business person by the deals they walk away from than the deals they complete. Determining which deals to do and which to walk away from is a unique strength of Little Hill Solutions. If it is a deal that should be completed Little Hill Solutions can help make sure it does close.


Profitability improvement

Profits are not evil. They are necessary if the business is to survive and thrive. Profit is the scorecard that reflects the ability of the business to provide a product or service that the marketplace values. Achieving profits is not easy and improving them is harder. Little Hill Solutions can help a company identify and deal with the things that are keeping a company from reaching its profit targets.

Sale of all or portions of a business

Sale of all or portions of a business

Sometimes a good part or all of a business needs to be sold. The reasons vary but it is a good decision. Setting a price and finding the right buyer is hard. Little Hill Solutions has been bringing together buyers and sellers for over 45 years.

Succession and generational transfers

Succession planning & generational transfers

Few closely held businesses survive into the second generation. Very few survive to the third generation. Succession planning and generational transfers are a minefield sown with discord and problems. Little Hill Solutions has been there and done that and can offer unique safe passage through the minefield.

Asset rationalization

Asset rationalization

Every business has assets. Some of those assets are contributing to the immediate and long-term goals of the organization. Some of the assets are not contributing. Identifying and rationalizing which assets are which requires insight and analysis that Little Hill Solutions can provide. Once the assets are categorized, a plan can be developed to mothball or sell the assets that are no longer contributing to the goals of the organization. Solutions vary but Little Hill Solutions specializes in reducing mountainous problems to little hills.


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Little Hill Solutions develops unique approaches to solving problems

Little Hill Solutions develops unique approaches to solving problems